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Master Surname Database

The Alberta Genealogical Society has over 700,000 names on computer. These names are mainly from burials in Alberta cemeteries, compiled from grave marker inscriptions and any records that have been located. This name list represents only a little over half the cemeteries in Alberta that have so far been recorded. The list does not include the major cemeteries in Edmonton and Calgary, which have a reasonably complete card file system. Some of these names have been compiled from births, marriages and deaths in newspapers, or certain local history books. And a few of these cemeteries are actually just across the border on the Saskatchewan side, or in the Peace River Block of British Columbia.

For $2.00 per page plus postage, the Society will do a computer name search and print a report of names found. This will generate a report of up to seven names per page and includes any data that may be in the file such as the person's name, birth and died date, age, name of cemetery or other source, nearest town, plot number at the cemetery and any remarks copied from the marker or records that may be of a genealogical nature. See AGS Research Services for details.

The researcher must be aware that there may be errors in the spelling of the names and the dates in this file. Many of the grave markers have deteriorated and are difficult to read. Some of the hand-written records are also difficult to read. Sometimes the name in the records has a slightly different spelling than that on the grave marker. In most cases the spelling on the grave marker is considered to be correct, as that is presumed to have been given by the next of kin.

When asking to search for a surname such as Smith or Clark, one should know that this could result in printing a lot of pages and be costly. If you should ask for John Smith, you will find there are about 100 listed. Then if the name was actually John William Smith but the name was erroneously entered as William Smith you would also find about 100 listed. Better to come to the library and do the actual searching for these common surnames oneself. The library staff will take about 2 minutes to show you how to do the search. You can then mark the names you want printed, and pay the $2.00 per page.

The recorded cemeteries are also available for purchase. Enquiries may be made about cemeteries that have been published and what the cost may be. See AGS Publications for details.

More names are continually being added to this Master Name Index, so if you don't find the person or the cemetery you are looking for, please try again later.

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Alberta Genealogical Society
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Edmonton, Alberta
T5L 4S6 Canada

Telephone: 780-424-4429
Fax: 780-423-8980

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Last Updated: November 16, 2010